Thank you to the leaders and local evangelists for this event and for the Greenhouse Scholars program.

Dick & Andrea Burridge, Jr.
Ben Bremen
Georganne & John Campbell
Sue & Ron Christoph (in absentia)
Greg DiDomenico & Patrick Oberle
Rick & Karen Eck
Dimitri & Angela Eliopoulos
Bill & Tricia Enright 
Paul & Anne Joyaux
Mary & Jerry Klingenberger


If you are interested in inviting guests or being part of this event, please contact Scott Burridge at  

Dave & Karen Knecht
Megan & Tom McCleary (in absentia)
Fred Paulman
Janek Pedersen
Erica Tarantur
Sarah & Preston Tims
Gwen Quackenbush & Dick Burridge, Sr.
Brian & Janet Weed (in absentia)
David & Jeanne Witz
Kevin & Diana Viravec